About American Samaritan

Whether you need it or just need it gone, we’re here to help!

American Samaritan'S Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at American Samaritan is to:

  • Provide furniture and essential household items, large or small, to economically challenged families, single parents, military families, elderly people, and any other individuals in need in the Denver Metro area and Front Range
  • Provide the moving, handling, transportation, and other services required by this process
  • Do so safely, efficiently, and respectfully
  • Save clients as much money as reasonably possible in the process
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Good Samaritan People
Service Providers At American Samaritan - Denver Nonprofit Organization

The Right Men for the Job

The world is full of times when you’ll have to go it alone – this isn’t one of those times. We understand that furnishing a house to be a humane and livable environment, much less a home, is expensive, and frankly difficult. After all, what’s the point of buying a bed if you can’t afford to pay the movers to get in your house so you can sleep on it?

At American Samaritan, we realize that many of the things people need to make a house into a home are often too large or too difficult for many people to move, and/or too expensive for many people to purchase new. We offer these items at a very reasonable price or even free depending on the person’s need.

Finally, we’re a proud and capable local small business that believes in not just doing a job, but getting the job done. Our flexibility allows us to offer a full range of valuable assistance in ways most of the big charities can’t. For example, we not only deliver, but we can also help out with getting items (including furniture) moved inside, or with removal and recycling or disposal of old items.

American Samaritan
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Our Founders

Douglas Evans

Douglas Evans is our #1, CEO, head honcho, and the founder of the original organization “Armchair Samaritan”, that he and John rebranded into American Samaritan. Douglas is an entrepreneur that has founded other organizations such as Concealorado and Evans Beekeeping. Armchair Samaritan was originally based on pickup and resale of chairs and couches, later adding piano donation and resale, but has since grown into a multi faceted organization featuring many new initiatives. Douglas is native to Colorado and grew up in the West side near the foothills. Anyone that knows Douglas, knows that he is a patriot and freedom enthusiast that enjoys racing and spending time with his family when he’s not working on growing American Samaritan. On almost any given day, you can stop by and see Douglas managing our showroom and operations with his family often in tow.

John Piccone

John Piccone is our #2, and CMO. Also a patriot and enthusiast of our freedoms, John and Douglas became friends at a local lodge. John Piccone is a business development and marketing expert from New York that founded the American Samaritan name and brand concept after realizing that the Armchair brand had slowly become irrelevant to our general operations over the course of developing additional initiatives. Originally recruited to Armchair Samaritan by Douglas for marketing and consulting in 2018 shortly after starting out. John negotiated status as co-founder and a Chief of the organization due to stepping up and putting in over a year of resources for free, and then creating the new brand concept while aiding in the development of operations and standards.

American Samaritan'S Community

Our Community

Our primary location is located off of Colfax between Wadsworth & Kipling on Carr. But we consider all of the Denver Metro area to be our community, including you!