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American Samaritan is a Colorado non-profit organization that helps families in need by providing them with donated furniture. We believe that everyone deserves to have a comfortable home, and we are dedicated to helping families in need get the furniture they need to make their homes more comfortable.

Don’t Want it? Don’t Need it? Donate it.

Furniture Donation Has Never Been Easier.

Looking to get rid of some old furniture? American Samaritan makes it easy to donate your unwanted furniture to a good cause. We will pick up your donated furniture for free and put it to good use, whether it’s giving it to a family in need or selling it in our Thrift Stores to raise funds for our programs.

Donating furniture is a great way to declutter your home and make a difference in your community. Help us provide furniture to families struggling with poverty or furniture to those transitioning out of homelessness.

Ready to get rid of your old furniture? Contact us today to schedule a free pick-up. We accept all types of furniture in good condition, including:





-Bed frames

And more! Donations can be dropped off at our donation centers or picked up from your home by our team.

For more information on how to donate to American Samaritan, please visit our website or contact us at 720-841-1257.

Pieces Of Furniture Placed In New Homes

Pieces of Furniture Placed in New Homes

Did you know that American Samaritan’s Donation Program already places 25000 pieces of furniture in new homes? Furniture is one of the most needed items by families moving out of homelessness and into their own place. Often, these families are moving from a situation where they had to leave everything behind.

American Samaritan works to make sure that families in need have access to furniture. American Samaritan collects donated furniture and then makes it available to families free of charge.

You can help by donating your gently used furniture to American Samaritan. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of families who are moving out of homelessness and into their own homes. To learn more about our donations of furniture, contact us at 720-841-1257.

Families Served By American Samaritan

Families Served

American Samaritan provides furniture to families in need, and we already helped thousands of families in the United States. We have donated furniture to families who have lost everything and had to relocate from natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods. We have also donated furniture to families struggling to make ends meet. Giving donations is a great way to help families in need, and we are always looking for people willing to offer free donation items.

If you have any furniture that you would like to donate, we’ll be glad to accept it. We accept all types of furniture, including couches, chairs, tables, beds, dressers, and more. We also accept donations of gently used furniture. Donations can be dropped off at our warehouse, or we can pick up the furniture from your home.

Your donation will make a difference in the lives of families in need.

Profit To Charity

Profit to Charity

Our donation and pick up furniture services give 90% of the proceeds to charity, helping those in need.

No one should have to go without furniture. But sometimes, people fall on hard times and can’t afford to buy their own. That’s where American Samaritan came in. We’re a donation and pick-up service that helps those in need by giving them access to affordable furniture. And we do it all while giving back to the community.

When you donate furniture to us, we do free donation pickup and sell it in our store. Then, we give 90% of the profits to charities. That means that your donation not only helps someone in need but also gives back to the community as a whole.

So if you have any furniture items that you no longer need, consider donating them to American Samaritan. It’s a great way to help those in need and give back to the community at the same time.


We Accept

  • We accept most furniture, pianos, and other large household items which fit into our available space
  • Obsolete, outdated, or unusually heavy items on a case-by-case basis
  • Call, text, or email for further details!

We DON’T Accept

  • Broken, damaged, smelly, or incomplete items.
  • However we offer hauling services to dispose of such items. Contact for pricing info.

We Accept Donations For The Following Items

Donate Furniture Denver

Furniture Donations

We offer free furniture donation pickup in the Denver metro area and all along the front range.

Piano Donation Denver

Piano Donations

We specialize in piano donations. We accept all types of pianos and use experienced piano movers.

Vehicle Donation Denver

Vehicle Donations

We specialize in vehicle donations. We accept all types of vehicles and use experienced car movers.

Denver Computer Donation

Computer Donations

We specialize computer donations. We accept all types of computer.

Creative Arts Donation At American Samaritan

Art Donations

We specialize art donations. We accept all types of art materials.

Donate Real Estate To Charity

Real Estate Donations

We can help with your real estate donations. Whether it’s a piece of land, a house, a building, or something else. We are here to help.

Musical Instruments Donation

Musical Instrument Donations

We can help with your musical instrument donations. We accept all types of musical instruments.

Firearm Donations

Firearm Donations

We provide assistance to those who want to donate firearms, such as rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

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Connecting Our Community By Helping Others Donate Furniture With Free Pickup

Connecting our community through charity is at the heart of the American Samaritan. With our efforts toward our initiatives, we hope to improve the lives of others in our community. Reach out today to learn more about how you can help American Samaritan help people in need in Denver, Colorado.