Donate to American Samaritan’s Piano Donation Program

American Samaritan provides an opportunity for those in the community to donate their gently used pianos to a good cause. The program benefits the children by providing them with pianos and piano lessons. We’re standing by to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Pianos To The People

American Samaritan is one of the few charities in Denver, Colorado, specializing in Donate a Piano program. A piano is something that many families would like to provide for their children, but often the expense of purchasing one new or the difficulty of moving a pre-owned piano can make it seem impossible.

That is where we step in! By filling that gap, we prolong the life of these incredibly beautiful instruments, saving them from a life of neglect, or worse, landfill. We help foster and spread the love for music and sing for hope in our homes and communities.

Pianos Donated

American Samaritan Donate a Piano Program has donated 175 pianofortes to individuals and organizations in need. The program was created to help those who could not otherwise afford a piano, and it has been a resounding success.

The program is simple: donors can either donate their unwanted piano directly to American Samaritan, or they can have the piano picked up by our team. Once the piano is donated, it will be refurbished and then given to a qualified individual or organization.

The Donate a Piano Program has been a huge success, and it has helped countless people get access to quality pianofortes. If you are interested in donating a piano, or if you know someone who needs a piano, please contact American Samaritan. We would be more than happy to help!

Years of Piano Life Saved

Every year, hundreds of pianofortes are donated to American Samaritan’s program.

These pianofortes come from all over the country and are in need of a new home.

The program was created to help keep these beautiful arts alive and hand them over to those who will enjoy them.

Since its inception, the program has saved over 350 years of piano life.

This is an incredible feat, and it is all thanks to the generosity of piano donors.

If you have a piano that you would like to hand out, please know that we accept piano donations and you can contact us today for the details.

We would be happy to give your piano a new home.

Average Savings

American Samaritan has helped countless individuals and families in need over the years. Our nonprofit initiatives have been impactful. In fact, 70% of the proceeds from piano sales go towards funding charity.

This is just one of the many ways the American Samaritan helps those in need. If you are interested in giving your no longer-in-use piano to the charity, please fill in the Donate Piano form.


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Donating A Piano Is Charity Through Music &Amp; Art

Piano Donation Program is Charity Through Music & Art

A piano is often both; a musical instrument and a piece of art. They often have great sentimental value and many personal stories along with them. This is one of the things that makes receiving a piano such an honor and why we do what we do. By donating your piano, you will be sharing those values with others while receiving a tax deduction for your generosity and kindness. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you. We even offer piano storage for Denver, Colorado, and free pickup of your contribution.

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