Donate a Truck to Nonprofit Truck Donation Program

American Samaritan Truck Donation Program offers an easy and efficient way to donate a truck. Truck donations can provide much-needed transportation solutions to those in need, particularly in developing countries where access to reliable vehicles is limited or non-existent. Your donation will go directly towards providing individuals and communities with the resources they need to support their daily lives. Truck donation with American Samaritan is a great way to show your support and make a positive impact on the world!

Don’t Want it? Don’t Need it? Donate it.

Are you looking for a way to get rid of your old truck? Truck donation with American Samaritan offers an easy, convenient way to donate your truck and support charity causes. Truck Donation by American Samaritan is an easy and effective way to donate commercial-sized trucks that you no longer need. Truck donation helps out charities, disaster relief efforts, or any other organization in need of large commercial vehicles to transport goods. Truck donation is a quick and easy solution for those looking to get rid of their unused truck and put it toward a good cause. Donate your truck and help those in need today!

Truck Donation In Lakewood And Denver Colorado

Donated Vehicles


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We Accept

  • American Samaritan accepts full-size pickup trucks, cargo vans, box trucks, and other vehicles.
  • Donations of all makes and models are accepted, provided they are in safe operating condition.

We DON’T Accept

  • Junkers, Clunkers, And Vehicles That Do Not Run
  • Vehicles with safety issues.
  • Vehicles with no proof of ownership.

We Accept Donations For The Following Items

Donate Furniture Denver

Furniture Donations

We pick up furniture donations in the Denver metro area and all along the front range.

Piano Donation Denver

Piano Donations

We specialize in piano donations. We accept all types of pianos and use experienced piano movers.

Vehicle Donation In Lakewood And Denver Co

Vehicle Donations

We specialize in vehicle donations. We accept all types of vehicles and use experienced car movers.

Denver Computer Donation

Computer Donations

We specialize in computer donations. We accept all types of computers.

Creative Arts Donation At American Samaritan

Art Donations

We specialize art donations. We accept all types of art materials.

Donate Real Estate To Charity

Real Estate Donations

We can help with your real estate donations. Whether it's a piece of land, a house, a building, or something else. We are here to help.

Musical Instruments Donation

Musical Instrument Donations

We can help with your musical instrument donations. We accept all types of musical instruments.

Firearm Donations

Firearm Donations

We provide assistance to those who want to donate firearms, such as rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

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Denver Truck Donation By American Samaritan
Donate Truck To American Samaritan

Donate Truck Today to Help Support a Great Cause!

American Samaritan Truck Donation is an easy and convenient way to give back. Truck donations provide essential resources to those in need, directly helping disadvantaged individuals and families. The truck donation program allows you to make a big impact with just one truck!

The truck donation program also ensures that donated vehicles are reused or recycled, reducing the negative impact on the environment. With your help, American Samaritan can continue to work towards creating brighter futures for those in need by providing hope and opportunity. Donate a truck today and make a difference!

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