We facilitate multiple causes and non profit initiatives that are focused around helping people in the community.

The Non Profit Initiatives & Causes of American Samaritan

American Samaritan is a general name, and that’s not by accident. We’re here to do as much good as we can with our organization. Having started out facilitating furniture and pianos for families and children, we’ve grown well beyond that into multiple categories of resources for the community.

Over the years, we’ve grown from couches and pianos to all types of household furniture, musical instruments, vehicles, firearms, and more. We support families, single mothers, abuse victims, veterans, disadvantaged youth, and do the best we can to see that anyone in need of assistance, receives it.

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Piano Donation For Pianos To The People - Non Profit Initiatives

Pianos to the People

Furniture Donation For Furniture For Families Non Profit Initiatives

Furniture for Families

American Samaritan
Vehicle Donations For Vehicles For Veterans Non Profit Initiatives

Vehicles for Veterans

Computer Donations For Computers For Kids Non Profit Initiatives

Computers for Kids

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Charitable Work Is The Foundation Of American Samaritan
Nonprofit Initiatives

Charity Is Our Foundation

Charitable work is at the foundation of our non-profit organization. We focus on providing important or necessary items to those in different situations that have resulted in the need for assistance. We help families with furniture, kids with musical instruments and lessons, and more.