Piano Storage

Piano storage for residents, businesses, and organizations that seek to store their piano between uses.
Donating A Piano Is Charity Through Music &Amp; Art
American Samaritan Piano Storage At Denver Co
Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life With Your Piano Donation
Piano Storage

Full Service Piano Storage With Delivery

Full service piano storage for the Denver metro area. Our piano professionals will come out to pickup your piano and bring it to our piano storage facility for safe keeping. Whether you need short term storage or long term, we’re here to help. Reach out today to speak with a representative from American Samaritan to learn more about how we can help with your piano pickup, delivery, and storage needs.

I’m an interpreter of stories. When I perform it’s like sitting down at my piano and telling fairy tales.

– Nat King Cole

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Short Term

Short term piano storage for your beloved piano. Whether a few days or a few months, we can help make sure that it is picked up, stored, and delivered properly.

American Samaritan

Long Term

Long term piano storage for everything from a spinet to a concert grand. We can assist with picking up your piano to ensure it receives the proper treatment throughout the process.

American Samaritan


If you’ve decided to sell your piano and want to ensure it’s taken care of properly, we’ll help you through the process. We can pick up, store, list, and aid in the sale of your piano with delivery, for a fee.
American Samaritan


Be an advocate for music in your community with your piano donation. Whether you know someone who needs a piano or just needs one gone, we are here to help.
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Piano Storage In Denver Metro Area

Store Your Piano With Us

Piano’s are often heirlooms that are difficult to part with or are being saved for the next generation. We understand that and want to ensure that you have a high quality solution for safekeeping your piano. When you store your piano with American Samaritan, you know it’s in good hands. As a charitable organization, good deeds are what we do. Reach out today for more information on how we can help.

Piano Storage Denver Co