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Pianos are one of the most revered types of musical instruments. We help those in need to acquire a piano.

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Pianos To The People By American Samaritan

American Samaritan Pianos to the People Scholarship Program

The American Samaritan Pianos to the People Scholarship is a remarkable initiative that offers young musicians the chance to learn and play the piano, even if they face financial constraints. Based in Lakewood, Colorado, this non-profit organization is dedicated to spreading the joy of music among children by gifting them a free piano.

To apply for the scholarship, candidates must be 14 years old or younger and exhibit a keen interest in playing the piano. The program is open to children of all backgrounds, making it a truly inclusive opportunity.

The application process is easy. You can apply easily online at Americansamaritan.org Upon approval, the piano will be delivered by our team of professional movers to the recipient’s home at no cost, ensuring a hassle-free experience for families.

Since its launch, American Samaritan has already impacted the lives of over 500 families, bringing music into their homes. The organization has received numerous positive reviews from grateful parents who have seen their children grow musically and as individuals.

The American Samaritan Pianos to the People Scholarship is more than just a program; it is a movement that aims to make music education accessible to all children. By gifting pianos, American Samaritan is fostering a lifelong love of music and promoting a more musical and harmonious world.

Music has the power to bring people together, inspire creativity and growth, and American Samaritan is determined to ensure that all children have the chance to experience its benefits. Through its scholarship program, the organization is providing children with the tools they need to start their musical journey, regardless of their financial situation.

The Pianos to the People Scholarship is a fantastic initiative that is shaping the future of music by empowering young musicians. If you’re a parent of an aspiring musician or simply looking to support a noble cause, American Samaritan is a worthy organization to consider. With its unwavering commitment to making music education accessible to all, the scholarship program is bringing joy and harmony into the lives of children.

Scholarship Inclusions

  • 1 Free Upright Piano
  • Fully Inspected
  • Tuned

I’m an interpreter of stories. When I perform it’s like sitting down at my piano and telling fairy tales.

– Nat King Cole

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It is open to all children 14 years and under

The Pianos to the People Scholarship program offers a free piano to one lucky child. It is open to all children 14 years and under.

Since we started Pianos to the People less than two years ago, we have witnessed the excitement and felt the gratitude of so many families who got their young child a piano. This inspired us to create this new program with which we can enrich more lives through music.

To find out if your child is eligible for the P2P Scholarship Program, read the terms & conditions and fill out the application.

Terms and Eligibility

  • Children age 14 and under are eligible.
  • Children within the designated area shown on the map are eligible.
  • American Samaritan reserves the right to alter or change the terms & conditions of the P2P Scholarship Program at any time

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