Meet the Family

Family is Everything
Douglas Ceo Douglas
Allison Cfo Allison
John Cmo John
Jordan Coo Crew Leadfield Tech Jordan
Andrew Field Tech Andrew
Roy Field Tech Warehouse Roy
Marty Driver Field Tech Marty
Tim Driver Field Tech Tim
Erin Showroom Warehouse Supervisor Erin
Tasha Showroom Customer Service Tasha
Abbey Showroom Customer Service Abbey
Rebecca Showroom Customer Service ReBecca
Lulu Showroom Assistant Lulu
Franklin Product Durability Tester Franklin

Douglas: CEO

Company master mind, does not have secret underground lair (yet)

Allison: CFO

The woman behind the curtain, also full time super mom.

John: CMO

Jordan: COO

Crew Lead/Field Tech, Jedi level Tetris master.

Andrew: Field Tech

Baby face BIG little brother.

Roy: Field Tech/ Warehouse

Heir to the throne.

Marty: Driver/ Field Tech

Master mover of the highest order and Army Veteran.

Tim: Driver/ Field Tech

Polite and professional until it’s go time, Decorated Marine Veteran

Erin: Showroom/Warehouse Supervisor

The most versatile little sister in the world.

Tasha: Showroom/Customer Service

Moved here from Liverpool England but loves a good Greek salad.

Abbey: Showroom/Customer Service

Community Support Program Coordinator, NOT short for Abigail!

ReBecca; Showroom/Customer Service

Pianos to the People Scholarship Coordinator, aka “THE GO GETTER”

Lulu: Showroom Assistant

Front of the house manager of everything under 4ft high, Has the best laugh in the company

Franklin: Product Durability Tester

aka The Tasmanian Dooder
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