BABY GRAND PIANO & HUGE Used Piano Selection


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Are you looking for an incredible deal on a great baby grand piano or maybe a Spinet piano, console or studio piano? Whether you’re looking for a Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin or one of many others, American Samaritan is the best place to find a smoking deal on the perfect piano.

We also have Denver’s best selection of inexpensive starter pianos from spinets, to consoles studio pianos and full size antique upright grand pianos our prices and selection can not be beat.

American Samaritan has one of the largest selections of quality used pianos at great prices.

Since we are a non profit organization all of the pianos that we offer have been donated to us by generous music lovers all over Colorado. This allows us to offer them at unbeatable prices compared to other piano retailers… and since we are not selling $100,000 Steinways we don’t mind if our pianos have been a little extra loved on.

What we are the most passionate about is getting pianos in front of children that are looking to start their musical journey. Which is why we have a large inventory of starter pianos that you can buy, have delivered and installed for about the same cost as you’d pay a piano mover just for the move job. This makes getting that first piano an easy choice for parents.

We also find great joy in uniting more experienced players with a piano that they can use to express their art at a price that inspires.

So whether you are a parent looking to purchase that 1st piano for your child to start their lessons with, a long time player looking to finally get an instrument in your home again or a teacher looking for a new studio piano for your students American Samaritan should definitely be at the top of your list.

American Samaritan is a local non-profit organization that works to provide affordable used furniture and home décor to friends and families all along the front range. We also carry Colorado’s best selection of used pianos without the sticker shock you find at many piano retailers. Find us online and like us on Facebook.


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