BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE Krakauer Console Piano


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This amazing Krakauer console piano is beautiful and incredibly unique. The cabinet is gorgeous and has a style unlike any other. Sure to be a conversation starter and compliment and decor.

The style definitely has a mid century modern feel. Beautiful walnut cabinet. This piano has been fully cleaned and inspected and given a clean bill of health. All keys and pedals work and it plays and sounds great with a nice warm rock tone. It also has the original ivory keys in great condition.

A portion of the sale of this piano goes to support the Pianos to the People Scholarship Program which provides a free piano along with in home lessons to underprivileged children on Colorado’s front range communities. For more info on P2P scholarships please visit our website.

Krakauer Brothers was founded in 1869 by Simon Krakauer, his son David and his brother Julius in New York City. Krakauer was well known for building superior quality pianos in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Krakauer put a great deal of thought and effort in the design and construction of their instruments and the result was a superior piano of excellent tone quality.
In 1917 Krakauer incorporated The Madison Piano Company, building Madison brand of pianos for several decades. Krakauer gained control of the large Haddorff Piano Company in the 1920s. Haddorff’s extensive manufacturing operations gave Krakauer the ability to substantially increase production.
Because of their superior quality, Krakauer Brothers was one of the few American Piano Companies to survive the Great Depression without being absorbed into a larger conglomerate like Aeolian-American, etc. Krakauer Brothers continued to build pianos until the late 1980s

Vintage Krakauer pianos are some of the most well made instruments we see come through our shop today, and they are highly recommend!

Like all pianos you’ll want to get it tuned after its moved but it sounds and plays well as is. I can recommend a great piano tuner if you don’t know anyone. Really nice guy and doesn’t over charge.

I can also recommend a great teacher of you’re looking for someone to give your child lessons. My daughter’s teacher is great and I’m happy to refer her to you.

Free delivery in the Denver metro area within 15 miles is included. Outside of 15 miles there is a small fee for mileage. Delivery includes moving inside and set up as well, but only on ground level. Upper or lower levels will be an additional





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