EXQUISITE Antique Schaeffer Cabinet Grand Piano


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Oh man this is a show stopper here! Absolutely gorgeous antique Schaeffer upright cabin grand piano. Nothing matches the sound that these Antique full size upright grands produce.

This piano is made with a breath taking black tiger oak that is truly eye catching and captivating to lay your eyes on. It also has the original ivory keys in great condition. It is in exceptional condition considering it is over a century old making this piano not only a piece of art that you can make art with but a piece if American history.


A portion of the sale of this piano goes to support the Pianos to the People Scholarship Program which provides a free piano along with in home lessons to underprivileged children on Colorado’s front range communities. For more info on P2P scholarships please visit our website.

The Schaeffer Piano Manufacturing Company (not to be confused with the newer Schaeffer & Sons brand that was popular in the 1980s – 1990s period) was established in New York by William Schaeffer in 1873. The firm employed some of the most talented piano builders of the time and was immediately successful. They then moved from New York to larger factories in Chicago in 1888. Late 19th Century records show The Schaeffer Piano Manufacturing Company at 213 Wabash Avenue, Chicago.

Schaeffer’s production facility allowed the company to build a large number of good quality pianos during the ‘teens and ‘twenties era. During the early 20th Century, Schaeffer built pianos for a number of well-known American manufactures under “private labeling”. By the 1920’s, Schaeffer was purchased by the W. F. Frederick’s Music House then later by the large Price & Teeple Piano Company.

The Schaeffer brand name appears to have been discontinued about 1931 due to the Great Depression. We have had a number of Schaeffer pianos come through our shop over the years. We find them to be very solid, well made instruments overall that are very beautiful, well constructed and often made with rare and exotic woods.

Like all pianos you’ll want to get it tuned after its moved but it sounds and plays well as is. I can recommend a great piano tuner if you don’t know anyone. Really nice guy and doesn’t over charge.

I can also recommend a great teacher of you’re looking for someone to give your child lessons. My daughter’s teacher is great and I’m happy to refer her to you.

Free delivery in the Denver metro area within 15 miles is included. Outside of 15 miles there is a small fee for mileage. Delivery includes moving inside and set up as well, but only on ground level. Upper or lower levels will be an additional cost.





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