GORGEOUS Ebony Schirmer & Son Studio Piano


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Armchair Samaritan is a local non-profit organization that works to provide pianos and furniture to families all along Colorado’s front range. Find us online and like us on Facebook

Absolutely gorgeous high gloss ebony finish Shirmer & Son studio in home piano. In absolutely excellent condition, very lightly used and well maintained. Has an incredibly warm and rich tone, sounds amazing and plays well. All keys and pedals work, it has been fully cleaned and inspected, recently tuned and given a clean bill of health.

Absolutely beautiful ebony lacquer, with a mirror high gloss finish. The cabinet has clean straight lines, simple styling yet elegant is able to accentuate accentuate any décor.

Studio pianos are a favorite piano model among home pianists, teachers, music departments of colleges, school systems and houses of worships for many years. The 45″ height that allows for a larger soundboard and a longer string length equivalent to a 5’8″ grand piano. This instrument has a big full sound and it is a wonderful choice for any piano player. The “full-blow” action with larger parts ading to faster repetition and a sold spruce soundboard for tonal richness and projection.

A portion of the sale of this piano goes to support the Pianos to the People Scholarship Program which provides a free piano along with in home lessons to underprivileged children on Colorado’s front range communities. For more info on P2P scholarships please visit our website.

Like all pianos you’ll want to get it tuned after its moved but it sounds and plays well as is. I can recommend a great piano tuner if you don’t know anyone. Really nice guy and doesn’t over charge.

I can also recommend a great teacher of you’re looking for someone to give your child lessons. My daughter’s teacher is great and I’m happy to refer her to you.

Free delivery in the Denver metro area within 25 miles is included. Outside of 25 miles there is a small fee for mileage. Delivery includes moving inside and set up as well, but only on ground level. Upper or lower levels will be an additional cost.

Text for fastest response DIMENSIONS: 56W X 24D X 48H

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